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Dear guests, if you have some questions maybe you can find answer in FAQ section or you can contact us by contact form below 


If you have some questions certainly can find answer in “Common questions” section just bellow or can contact us by contact form below. 

If you want to drive a motorboat in Croatia boating licence is mandatory.

So  driving a boat without licence isn’t possible despite regardless of your experience.

Please, be aware that you need some basic skills to rent a boat and using it, not only  boating licence.

Safety deposit serves to cover possible damage.

Deposit is in the amount of the deductible which is surely the amount of participation in the damage. Only if damage is higher than amount of deposit insurance will cover it. Basically, safety deposit is normal and an unavoidable thing so you can’t rent a boat without it.

Boat is intended for towing if it has a towbar. If the boat doesn’t have a towbar it means it’s not inteded for towing the tubes, skis etc. and isn’t allowed to pull anything with it.

Exceptional if in the booking form water sport is offered and you have option to choose it.

Everything is described in the boats descriptions. If you didn’t arrange it in advance isn’t allowed to pull anything with the boat.

Please, respect our rental conditions.

There is limited number of persons on board. If the boat is intended, for example for 8 persons on board you can’t embark more than that. You can’t embark more passengers than the boat is intended for, doesn’t matter do you want to embark adult or a child.  
Also, if the boat capacity is, for example 7 adults + 1 child you can’t embark 8 adults. 

Fuel is not included in rental price.


We can’t close the booking for you without advance payment.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll not get refund in case of an extraordinary situation (dangerous weather etc) but it’s required to have some reasonable explanation and reason for canceling the boat rent. 

Discount depends about that which boat you choosed and when. Depends about the owner and the place where the boat is located.

If it’s applicable discount will be visible.

Boating licence is required.

If you have it doesn’t mean that you have knowledge of basic maneuvers which is mandatory to get a boat.

Please, be aware that you should have basic knowledge (docking the boat, leaving the dock, anchoring) to rent the boat. If you rent it without any knowledge  you should  consider that we can’t give you the boat because we have some responsibility towards persons on boats and in the sea and their safety.

Pet on board is possible if it’s smaller than 15 kg.

In every booking form is options to choose “pet on board” which is for one pet only! Please, if you don’t respect our rules about pet on board we can’t give you the boat.

Please, respect rental conditions.